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We're In Love with the Mesmerizing Watermelon Gadget That's All Over TikTok

365体育投注网址The watermelon windmill slicer will change your life.

Target Adds “Badge” to Help Shoppers Identify Black-Owned Brands

365体育投注网址The initiative is just one part of a greater historic movement.

The Secret to Zac Young’s Dairy-Free Pina Colada Dessert Is So Unexpected

Just Now

If you like pina’re going to love this cake! 🍹

3 Easy Shark Week Recipes Kids Will Love

By: Frances Kim
Earlier Today

Whether you serve "sharks" for dinner or dessert, you can't go wrong. Bonus: the little ones can help!

Le Creuset's Big Online Factory Sale Is Back

By: Allison Russo
Earlier Today

Snag up to 50% off some of our favorite cookware from Le Creuset!

You Can Always Find the Right Noodles to Make Drunken Noodles Online


You’re just a few clicks away from this classic from Jet Tila.

This Easy Zucchini Loaf Will Make You Forget All About Banana Bread

365体育投注网址 It’s the must-make recipe of the summer.

6 Ways to Shift Your Cooking Routine When You're Home All Day

Take advantage of extra stove time without getting burnt out.

4 Hacks to Make Slushies at Home

By: Michelle Warner

Pst, you can make slushies at home without any special equipment. We’ve detailed the techniques and rounded up our favorite recipe …

Cheetos’ New Mac ’N Cheese Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

365体育投注网址 It’s all about comfort, convenience and cravings.

3 Fast and Easy Ideas to Make Super Juicy Grilled Chicken

By: Alessandra Bulow

365体育投注网址 Take grilled chicken to the next level with these delicious ideas from Michael Symon, Jet Tila and Megan Mitchell.

These Colorful Instant Pots Are On Sale for Less Than $100

By: Allison Russo

365体育投注网址 Get this best-selling kitchen appliance in a fun new color.

Krispy Kreme Is Celebrating Teachers with Free Doughnuts

Here’s how educators can snag a sweet breakfast — plus, how students can make their teachers’ lives even sweeter.

Air-Fried Fruit Is a Total Game-Changer

And there’s never been a better time to try it.

Target Adds “Badge” to Help Shoppers Identify Black-Owned Brands

The initiative is just one part of a greater historic movement.

These Starter Kits Make Cooking Iconic Asian Dishes Mind-Blowingly Easy

365体育投注网址 Omsom’s sauce packets are about to revolutionize your pantry.

A Dessert for Everyone Who Misses Dunking Cookies in Frosting

By: Frances Kim

365体育投注网址 Feeling nostalgic for a certain childhood snack? Make these puff-pastry treats.

How to Make an Insta-Worthy Fried Egg

365体育投注网址 There are two easy tricks you can (and should) try.

This Salad Spinner Doubles As a Kitchen Tool and Toddler Toy

We all love a multi-functional kitchen gadget, right?

Get a Ninja Foodi for Up to $80 Off on Amazon Today

By: Allison Russo

365体育投注网址 This multi-cooker (and air fryer!) is on super sale today.

Trust Us — Peanut Butter Belongs on Pepperoni Pizza

365体育投注网址 You heard it here first!!!

6 Fin-Tastic Treats You Need for Shark Week

365体育投注网址 Just wait 'til you sink your teeth in.

Why Trifle Should Be Your Go-To No-Bake Summer Dessert

365体育投注网址 This sweet and simple dessert is the perfect way to wrap up any summer meal.

6 Fizzy Drinks That Aren’t LaCroix

Broaden your sparkling beverage stash.

The Best Tip for Grilled Peaches This Summer

By: Carissa Chesanek

It's all in how you pick them.

These One-of-a-Kind Jams Are the Only Jars I’m Buying From Now On

Plain old fruit jams are a thing of the past in my house.